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The Lowcountry’s Newest 18 Hole
Championship Golf Course

The Golf Club

The Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes is the Lowcountry’s newest 18-hole championship golf course. Expertly designed by Tommy Fazio to take full advantage of the property’s lakes and natural wetlands. The versatile course offers five sets of tees—a challenge for golfers of all skill levels. With deliberately angled greens, expansive fairways, and well-placed bunkers, the Par 72, 7,300-yard course offers a variety of holes to test a golfer’s creativity, shot-making skills, and strategic thinking.

We’ve paired this demanding, popular course with the area’s best 36-acre practice facility (including target greens, bunkers, and multiple practice greens), a par 3 short course ranging from 70 to 180 yards, a full-service golf shop, and lunch served daily at the Café at Hilton Head Lakes.
The result? A relaxing, enjoyable way to perfect your swing and savor the beauty of the Lowcountry.

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  • The 12th hole was selected for the GolfCourseHome 5th Annual Dream 18 collection of Great Residential Golf Holes
  • Tommy Fazio Design
  • 7,300 Yards / Par 72
  • Four other sets of tees playing 6,650, 6,200, 5,960 & 4,955 yards
  • Full-Service Golf Shop
  • Golf Instruction available

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Golf Stats

From the Fairway

When to Keep the Driver in the Bag

Removing the driver and hitting a 3-Wood on a tight driving hole is a very common practice, but is not a guaranteed success. When making this decision, consider the length of the hole. If using a 3-wood leaves you more than a 6 or 7-iron, then taking the risk and hitting a driver, might be the play. Often times by hitting it in the rough, you will be closer to the hole. What to consider when making this decision would be hazards and where they are located. So, therefore, where is the best place to miss a shot and you can easily recover.

Finishing the Golf Swing

Golfers tend to overlook the finish as a way of checking their golf swings. It can tell a lot about what happened, especially on your tee shots. Look for these keys: (for right-handed golfers) Your right shoulder should be closer to your target than your left shoulder. This keeps a constant rotation throughout the swing. Almost all of your weight should be on your front foot. The shaft should be angled diagonally across the back of your head and neck, not hanging down your back or sticking up. Lastly, you should always try and hold your finish. Imagine you have a camera on your belt buckle that should be taking a picture of your intended target.

The Keeping Your Head Still Myth

A once common misnomer around the golf course and when playing with fellow amateurs is hearing the words, keep your head still. What everyone should be saying…keep your eyes on the golf ball. In a golf swing, the head is going to move slightly. The more you try to keep it from moving, the more rigid and stiff the golf swing becomes. So instead, think…keep your eyes on the ball.
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