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  • Will your home soon be an “empty nest”? - Is your last child off to college, starting their career in a new city, gotten married and moved away? Perhaps you are planning on retiring soon. Give Hilton Head Lakes a look. Our community offers a wide range of floor plans to choose from starting at 1298 square feet up to 2525 square feet. Amenities […]
  • Communities of the Lowcountry: Charm Galore - Wouldn’t it be great to live in an area rich with charm and away from the frenzy of the “rat race”? You can! Hilton Head Lakes is surrounded by charming, small communities. One of these is Bluffton South Carolina. About twenty minutes from Hilton Head Lakes, Bluffton is a quintessential Southern with charming tree-lined streets […]
  • What do you like to do with your family in the summer? - This summer is even more special as the nation begins to travel again and enjoy life outside of for the first time in a very long (or so it seems) time. The travel industry is heating up, the housing market is roaring, and folks are packing up the car and hitting the road. Come on […]
  • It’s Strawberry Season - Ah summer! Backyard barbecues, strolls on the beach, Walter sports and, of course, strawberries. Strawberry pie, strawberry shortcake, strawberry lemonade, strawberry festivals and pageants, even the strawberry moon (June’s full moon). But did you know that strawberry season comes earlier in the Lowcountry than other parts of the country. While many places have to wait […]
  • No Room for a Vegetable Garden? Think Containers - Ah, late spring when gardeners all over the country are planning and/or planting their vegetable gardens in anticipation of the perfect tomato. But what if you don’t have a large yard? If there isn’t enough room for even a four foot square plot or raised bed is that perfect tomato out of reach? Not at […]
  • Looking for a Great Place to Retire? Look No Further - Once again, Forbes Magazine’s annual Best Places to Retire in Each State list has recognized Bluffton South Carolina. And Bluffton is right next door to Hilton Head Lakes, making the area perfect for an active retirement in a great location. Bluffton is perched on the bluff of the May River. Its rich history, thriving arts […]
  • April Gardening in South Carolina - While homeowners in much of the country wait for that last threat of frost to pass by before planting their window boxes, often well into May, here at Hilton Head Lakes we’re already digging in the dirt and enjoying early blooms. What are we planting while April snows still threaten the north? We’re planting our […]
  • What to Know Before Moving to South Carolina - Ah, the Palmetto State. The beaches, the hill country, the climate… a popular vacation destination. But what about living here? Oh course at Hilton Head Lakes, we are quite partial to the area so allow us to share some insights. South Carolina is popular indeed, increasingly so studies indicate that the population increased 5.9% between […]
  • Boom in DIY Projects - One thing being cooped up this past year has resulted in is a boom in DIY projects. Renovations, organization projects, baking, cooking, you name it as a nation we’ve been doing all sorts of things around the house to keep boredom at bay. Maybe you haven’t jumped in to the DIY movement just yet but […]
  • St Patrick’s Day Menu Choices - Food is a big part of every holiday and St Patrick’s Day is no exception. But what if Irish soda bread and boiled cabbage aren’t exactly your cup of tea? What other choices do you have? While corned beef isn’t for everyone, a nice Irish stew made with lamb can hit the spot. The beauty […]


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